Welcome to Hamline!
We're glad you're here!

There is room for you here! We are a group of people committed to one another and to our community. We seek to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves.

Your First Visit
What is it like on a Sunday morning?

Our builiding is 175 years old. We try to do our best to make it welcoming to all people. Our front stairs may be intimidating at first look but there is a ramp and wheelchair accessable entrance on the side of our building that provides access to our elevator. 

If you join us on a Sunday morning plan to arrive a few minutes early. You can park on the street in front of the building or in our parking lot directly in front of our building. One of our friendly greeters will welcome you to the building and provide you a program that will help you know the order and plan for the service that day.

You can then make your way into our beautiful worship space. Find a seat anywhere you like, we don't have reserved seats.  Check out the stained glass windows and spend some time enjoying the pre-service music. People may say hi and welcome you to the service. You can fill out a connection card inside of your program or fill one out on our website. 

We have a pipe organ and a piano that are used to lead music each Sunday. We will always include lyrics for you to sing along with the songs. The program will tell you when we stand. We have a time of prayer and allow people to share prayer requests out loud. No one will ever call you to speak but you are welcome to share if you want. Our pastor usually has about a 20 minute message that is hopefull and practical. The pastor usually ends the service with a blessing from the back of the room. Once the service is finished you can place your connection card in an offering plate on your way out the door and say hi to the pastor if you want.   

Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to common questions.


We usually have live music playing 10 minutes before the service starts. It's a great time to talk with others or spend a few minutes in prayer and reflection. Come early and meet some people that would love to meet you. Or come right at 11 and grab a seat near the back if you want to remain more anonymous!  

You can park in front of the building in the lot that we share with the library or on the street around the building. There are several handicap spots in front of the building. 

Our front steps can be intimidating! We do have two entrances on the side of our building that is nearest the convention center and a ramp that takes you down to them. The sidewalk and ramp are heated in the winter for extra safety. The red doors (the second entrance) are wide enough for wheelchair access. Once inside we have an elevator that can take you upstairs to our worship space. 

On any Sunday you might find people in jeans and a t-shirt or wearing a tie and dress pants. Most people fall somewhere in between. The majority of people dress a step above casual but you are welcome to come in whatever is comfortable. 

We have a beautiful pipe organ and piano that are used every Sunday. We sing traditional hymns but also include newer worship songs each week. 

We don't think so...

Check out one of our service online before you visit in person to get a feel for what our servcies are like. We won't make you stand and introduce yourself and we won't make you give us your money. 

Lyrics are available for all of the songs we sing. We have "responsive readings" and prayers that you are invited to participate in with us. The words are always printed in the program. The program also tells you when we stand or sit so you don't have to worry about that. 

We have several Bible Study groups that meet during the week. We also host High Hope Cafe on Wednesday Nights. 

Currently we have a men's Group that meets on Tuesdays at 10am at the church building or on Zoom.

We also have a women's group that meets online on Zoom on Tuesday at 8am. 

High Hope Cafe is a free, hot, community meal that takes place every Wednesday night from 5:15-6:15 in the church basement. You can join a serving team to help make meals or just show up to eat with others!

Yes! Check out Hamline Kids. (Click the "Kids" link at the top of the page!) 

We love kids at Hamline! The first Sunday of every month we have a special kids service in our kids worship area. Kids will start off in our main worship space and then travel with our ministry volunteers for a special time of worship just for kids.

There is fun music, crafts, activities, and an engaging Bible lesson each month. 

The rest of the month we post a video to our website and youtube page each week that expands on our monthly theme. We provide a weekly devotional for kids as well as a weekly guide for parents to engage their kids in conversation about the weekly Bible story. 

We also take a group of kids to camp each summer!